Stevia is the only completely natural non-caloric sweetener available on the market today. It grows as a wild shrub mainly in Paraguay and has been used as a sweetener by the native Guarani Indians for centuries. The Ka'a He'e (its original name in guarani native language) has first become known to the West after a Swiss natural Scientist named Moises Bertoni first recorded its usage by native tribes in 1887 and decided to analyse and export it.

After a series of tests, it has been found that Stevia has many health and therapeutic benefits, such as being non-carcinogenic, reduces hypertension, doesn't damage teeth and gum, helps with digestion, contains zero calories, is an antioxidant, is totally non-addictive and can even be used as natural fertilizer in agriculture.

Due to a lack of knowledge, Stevia was banned in Europe for years whereas Swiss, Americans and Japanese enjoyed the benefits of this plant in their diets. Nevertheless since November 2011 the European Commission has approved its consumption (see Regulation 1131/ 2011) and we are expecting its use to boom in the next few years. Stevia is an ideal product for diabetes and for slim product linesin any agro-industry. Chocolate factories in Switzerland (Villars), Belgium (Cavalier) and Peru (Shattell) have already started using stevia in their products.

Fruting has strong business relations with some of the biggest stevia producers in Paraguay and we can provide stevia in its natural form, in powder and liquid.