Fruting is a newly established company on the soft commodity market. Based out of Peru and Switzerland, we aim to provide the highest-quality products Latin American agriculture has to offer.

The founders of the company met while working in agricultural microfinance in Peru, where they not only became experts in sustainable and organic farming, but also discovered a passion for promoting these products of quality.

Fruting is in direct contact with the cooperatives, association of producers and other suppliers all throughout Latin America sourcing quality agricultural products from various countries and exporting them to Europe.

Our product offering is very diversified ranging from gourmet and conventional cocoa and coffee beans to semi-finished products from top Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The industrial products are all processed locally to give your output a unique flavour that big suppliers fail to highlight.

Our latest discovery is the Stevia, a natural sweetner from Paraguay used for centuries in this region and recently approved by the EU, ideal for diabetics or "light" product lines. Fruting has a partnership with a significant supplier in Paraguay offering us the Stevia in liquid or powder form suitable for end consumers or industries.